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March 29, 2006


Gadibolae Gadibolae

I would like to congratulate the efforts made to set up the website for Nata village, hence this will act as a get way for Nata as well as Botswana to be known to the outside world. Since the establishment of the website many people have shown interests on helping Nata community.Through hard work and determination i think one day we will win the battle against HIV/AIDS, i hope this will also expand to some disadvantaged remote areas in our country. Once again Iam so gratefuLly for the initiaves that will connect my village with the rest of the world.

Allan Frederick

May God bless you the organizers of this site and blog As well as those who helpIn the cause. And my God continue To bless those who are in need and are receiving. All praises to the LORD in the name of Jesus Christ.

ps:I saw a segment on current tv's web page
and holy spirit inspired me to help by donating.

Gill Schaap

What can I say? I'm in awe of what you are all doing to address HIV and the related problems. I'm so encouraged that the local Batswana who have owned the problem and decided to minimise the fall out. I assume there are Basarwa benefitting from this too? What about Zimbabwean refugees? May the Spirit of God empower you to keep on in this work.




Hi I am a grade 8 student who was looking at your site and is amazed about what you are doing. I think it is so great to help beacuse at a normal clinic you wouldnt have dogs outside. I am in awe about what you doing and I have a few questions. How many businesses are there in Nata, and what else do you bring there than clothes and toys?

Melody Jenkins

Dear Meagan,
Thanks for your comments. Yes, dogs, chickens and goats are common sights at our clinic. We live in a very rural area. The largest business in Nata is the the Northgate complex. It is a place for travelers to get fuel, something to eat, and use the toilets. We also have several small shops that sell basic groceries. To get anything like lettuce, broccoli, or cheese, we have to go 120 miles to Francistown. There is also a brick making company that employs about 8 people and two shops run by chinese people. There are several government organizations like, transport and roads, animal heatlh, and wildlife. We also have several beauty salons (the women here love to get their hair done) butcheries and unfortunately too many bars. We provide school supplies and food to orphans and if you read the blog you will see all the things we've purchased for Nata Clinic. Thanks for reading. Melody Jenkins, blogger, technical advisor

tomeletso mmualebe

i think the health situation in nata need a hospital not a clinic, the clinic is too small to occupy the residents of nata, sepako, manxotae nd sum nearbourings who seek help there..! the little we have is not enough.! lol

Melody Jenkins

You are so right. We have never understood why the hospital was put in Gweta which is 100Km west of Nata and not anywhere convenient to the main highway. We always say that Nata clinic is a hosptal and not a clinic. Unfortunately, it's politics.

Pastor Pono Gakekgonwe

Well done Nata website overseers! indeed you a doing great job. May the grace from our living God sustain your website. HIV \AIDS is a monster to us all, now lets us launch our nets to the deepest. lets not forget there is God who can heal our land from all infirmities. by his stribes we are healed. Psalm 121 is our encouragement in times of distress. Amen from UCCSA pastor.


Nata and not anywhere convenient to the main highway.

Kennedy Thato Lesedi

Hi guys. A big thank you the establishment of this wonderful website. this is my birth Village and im so proud about the initiatives to fight HIV/AIDS by the villagers & the helpers. I was born in this clinic 22 years back, i am where i am now because of the services of this Clinic. Thank you to Nata Clinic.


i'm happy to hear that there are nurses who love to care for their fellow citizens. i salute those kind of people!


First of all, I would like to congratulae all the hard work you all have been doing. I am a studente in Brazil doing a research. I would like to know by whom is the clinic financed? is it a state clinic or does the community of nata village keep ir running or any other instituition? all my best wishes to nata village!

Peter Mc Clelland

To Beritz


Our Govt funds our clinics and the staff really work hard to administer to the ill

Thanks for your interest


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