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April 13, 2006


Kevin Buckstiegel

Beautiful song! I'm looking forward to the videos here... definitely putting a face to a known, but over looked problem. My heart goes out to the sick and to the care takers.

Erie Meyer

Now my day has started with a song too -- thanks! It was beautiful.


I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. I agree with the other posters that the song is beautiful. I'm sure it will help to raise awareness of this important issue.

Laura Brye-Prospective PC Volunteer Botswana

I thoroughly enjoyed the videos about Nata Clinic.

I will be serving as a PC Volunteer in Botswana starting in April and I clearly want to work with the PMTCT Capacity Building Project since I have a background in HIV and Infant and Young Child Feeding. This video has been a big inspiration to me so thank you. I just have a few questions.

Botswana is a special case regarding PMTCT services in that is provides free infant formula for HIV+ mothers who opt not to breastfeed. Do these mothers always have access to this formula and clean water? Are there any cases of diarrhea in the Nata Village from mothers giving their children formula?

Does the PMTCT policy promote exclusive breastfeeding for up to six months for HIV+ mothers who are on ARVs and do not want to give formulas?

Thank you again.

Laura Brye


I also stumbled across your blog and think its great. I hope it does not die a natural death when the volunteers leave.

Thabo M. B. Jacob

Hi all,

I just logged onto this magnificent site while tracing some UCCSA news on the net. I've heard about "our home page" before, and I'm impressed by the info about my village. This site's keen focus on HIV/AIDS issues is a very realistic approach to today's world, particularly Africa. AIDS is such a challenge for my generation and with tools like this info sharing site, we shall overcome.
Beatiful pictures and videos on display here. You don't know how wonderful it is to see the people I know contributing to change in this modern set up.
I will keep visiting the site, surely I will invite friends.

Melody Jenkins

Dear Thabo,
Thank you so much for your wonderful comments and support. We love it when locals appreciate what we are doing here. We work hard to reflect what is happening on the frontlines of the AIDS pandemic while balancing it with the positive aspects of village life. Thank YOU for taking the time to comment!
Melody Jenkins and Seloma Tiro


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