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April 28, 2006


Michael Meiser

Great post man, saw your email about it on the yahoo group. Glad to see your participating there. Sort of wish there was more feedback there. I meant to lend my words, but been busy.

Just commenting now because I'm watching your post on mefeedia right now.

Michael Meiser

Great post man, you are skilled with the camera, both video and photo. I saw your email about it on the yahoo group. Glad to see your participating there. Sort of wish there was more feedback though. I meant to lend my words, but been busy.

Just commenting now because I'm watching your post on right now.

You're not going to be at vloggercon in san fran on June 10-11th are you? I'm sure I'll see your brother there we have a mefeedia developer Devlon of coming down from there. Anyway, the point is it'd be nice to get together with you and some other people lie Andy Carvin whom I'm sure will be ther to talk about potentials for media in bridging the digital divide. Indeed I wish this was being talked about more amongst the developers in this space.

We're doing a lot, many open source initiatives which will hopefully help vlogging spread beyond economic, geographic, and language barriers, but I question wether we collectively have the focus. I personally feel my knowlege of inititives in developing countries is limited, there fore my ability to make case and push these inititives is very wobly. It would be nice to has out path or plan on how we can have a direct relationship to inititives in developing countries instead of just wishfully thinking things like open source will eventually allow rich media to spread to Africa.

BTW, that reminds me, how are you funding this? Privately? Because I've heard of a group. I think they're called the Digital Vision Fellowship, and they offer both economic and a support networks for endevors exactly like this. At the very least it might cover some of your travel expenses. In fact they explicitely said they were looking for "fellows" and it doesn't require a graduate degree, or that you be established. I think you very well might fit the bill... they had a girl on who was using photo and video and blogging initiatives to reach out to street kids in Rio to get them interested in the outside world and build relationships with them through a sort of cyber cafe type arrangement, this not only got them interested in the outside world, but simultaneously got them interested in reading and writing, i.e. the blogging. I guess the idea is to build bonds and provide long term assistance to them. Amazing stuff. But then so's what you're doing. It's a very rare thing to see the frontline of the aids epidemic half way around the world, unfiltered. I hope in fact that there's some way to impart upon locals an interest and an understanding in what you're doing, but I wonder if it's to early for them to step into this debate in similar rolls.

Anyway, Digital Visions was on the IT conversations podcast not a week ago. I'm sure can find it for you if you like.

Oh, and BTW, Randy Wicker, vlogger from new york just did two posts from a health summit speach at the UN plaza in new york on the issue of cancer in africa... most interesting... africa has a growing problem with certain types of cancer that are caused by a common virus, and they're expected to have a vaccine on the market this year for it... but there's apparently huge debate over wether it will come to Africa do the cost.

There's just so much information latently out there, across vlogs and podcasts, but there's so few people tying it together so awarness is very low.



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