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February 16, 2007


Tor Venn

Nice to see the Sanctuary running. I have good memories from my fieldwork in 1995.

Cara Fletcher

I remember my trip to Nata sanctuary for my first bird watching with my parents.It was amazing.i saw species I have never seen before and that could be seen only there.It was a lifetime remembrance.

judith ykema

Do we have to book in advance for august this year,or can we just show up?

many greetings

Melody Jenkins

August is a busy month so I would recommend calling the managers cell phone to make a reservation. You can of course take your chances and just show up. The sanctuary does not have a land line so most of their business comes through referrals from the Nata Lodge. Melody

bogha maposa

i good 2 be seeing our beauty even on the net keep the good work up

seks shop

good job

claire angel

now that the lodge has sadly burned down is there anywhere else we can stay for one night in december to access the sanctuary?.we have two children keen on birdwatching.
thanks for any advice.

bogha maposa

its such a bad n disturbing news that one of the beautiful santuary have burnt out due to someone who is irresponsible....
i wish things will be sorted out quickly and our beatiful santuary come to operation again...
its such a big loss.............

Paul Lindenberg

Great to see the Sanctuary still running. I was there during 1995, looking after Nigel's Birders Camp on the Nata River. Been back quite a few times, but briefly only. Popped in and had a look around. Copa still there? I have to finish collecting pictures for (our) book on the Mgadikgadi (which includes the Nata Sanctuary).


1. When is the best time to view the flamingos at Nata?
2. Would June be too late for viewing flamingos?


burnt out due to someone who is irresponsible....
i wish things will be sorted

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Could you please book a campsite for 2 adults for the nights of 17 and 18 September, 2012. Please send details of rates and banking details so a deposit can be made.

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